The tour is in support of the Evered House, which is an artist residency for those who serve; military veterans, first responders and the like. The house began its mission in the Joshua Tree area of Southern California in 2017, and after four years, relocated to a beautiful waterfront lot in Port Haywood VA, where we are now in the process of building a new residence. With the pandemic receding, we are re-launching the tour! In the states in which he is able to appear in person, Charles Evered will introduce the actors, sign copies of his plays and answer questions about the residency program. Please keep an eye on our schedule—and we hope to see you on the road!

VIRGINIA: FINAL STATE OF THE TOUR! September 8, 7pm, 2024.



1) CALIFORNIA — Joshua Tree — April 21, 2018. With Kirk Geiger, Wendy Rolfe Evered and Jarrod Radnich, Dir by Howard Shangraw.

2) NEW JERSEY—  Cape May—July 2, 2018. With Roy Steinberg, Marlena Lustik and Sean White, Dir by Roy Steinberg.

3) ARIZONA —  Phoenix — August 19, 2018 with Garrett Anderson, Lauren Noelle Anderson and David Miller, Dir by Rachel Keimach.

4) NEW YORK —  Manhattan — Sept 17, 2018 with Damian Young, Welker White and Tyler Hatch, Dir. by Taylor Hatch.
5) NEVADA —  Las Vegas —  October 20, 2018 with Loren Masters, Jean Heathen and Matthew Fenicchia, Dir. by Loren Marsters.
6) NEW MEXICO — Albuquerque –  March 27, 2019 with Diane Gunn Miles, Bill Miles and Nick Meyers, Dir. by Diane Gunn Miles.
7) SOUTH CAROLINA — Greer — April 3, 2019 with Steve Evered, Sue Meyers and Brian Frascino, Dir. by Steve Evered.
8) WYOMING —  Laramie — June 25, 2019 with Kat Cordes, Justin Glover and Jason Pasqua, Dir. by William Downs.
9) MASSACHUSETTS — Stockbridge — August 5, 2019 with Bella Merlin, Miles Anderson and Gregory Boover, Dir. by Charles Evered.
10) WASHINGTON —  Bainbridge Island — September 28, 2019 with Pete Benson, Jennifer Hodges and Garrett Guse, Dir. by Karen Hauser.
(2020 – 2021: COVID PAUSE)

11) NORTH CAROLINA —  Elizabeth City — October 19, 2022 with Jared Goodson, Kirra Jones and Alexander Staples, Dir. by  Sandra Krueger.
12) PENNSYLVANIA — Churchville — November 10, 2022 with Charles Rucker, Ann Rucker and Charles Evered. Dir. by Emily Rucker.
13) FLORIDA #1 — (Destin) March 1, 2023 with Bart Johnson, Liz Johnson and Joe Place. Dir. by Liz Johnson.   FLORIDA #2
(Pensacola) March 8, 2023 with Debra Hurtado, Marco Hurtado and Kai Dack, Dir. by Sophia Hurtado.
14) MARYLAND – Church Hill — March 14, 2023 with Kathy Jones, Michael Whitehill and Connor Christopher. Dir. by Juanita Wieczoreck.

15) VERMONT — Shaftsbury — March 15, 2023 with Kurt Ernst, Kate Ernst and Allen Boulet, Dir. by Kurt Ernst.

16) RHODE ISLAND – Woonsocket — March 17, 2023 with Steve Taschereau, Lisa Taschereau and James Laurent, Dir. by Pat Ferron.

17) NEW HAMPSHIRE – Portsmouth — March 20, 2023 with Morgan Murphy, Lori Murphy and Cullen Murphy, Dir. by Cullen Murphy.

18) MAINE – Kittery — March 20, 2023 with Morgan Murphy, Lori Murphy and Cullen Murphy, Dir. by Cullen Murphy.

19) CONNECTICUT – Greenwich — March 25, 2023 with Nick Brooks, Marcia Brooks and Luke Brooks, Dir. by Nick Brooks

20) WEST VIRGINIA — Harper’s Ferry — April 18, 2023 with Ally Spencer, Suzan Schnitzius and Doug Durham, Dir. by Charles Evered

21) ILLINOISChicagoApril 18, 2023 with Meg Elliott, Will Clinger and Jake Beauvais, Dir. by Joshua Fardon

22) DELAWARE – Wilmington —April 22, 2023 with Bill Fitzpatrick, Jeannie Zweigle and Bill Fitzpatrick Jr, Dir by Bill Fitzpatrick.
23) TENNESSEE – Nashville — June 14, 2023 with Bob Rindhage, Wendy Adele Evered and Andrew VanHook, Dir by Wendy Adele Evered.

24) OHIO — Willoughby Hills — June 19, 2023 with Chris Knoblock, Dana White and Stella Naymik, Dir by Dana White.

25) GEORGIA – Athens — June 23, 2023 with Josh Darnell, Jordan Powers and Drew Doss, Dir by Josh Darnell.

26) KENTUCKY – Elizabethtown, June 30, 2023 with Tonya “D.” —Solo performance!
27) ALABAMA – Montevallo– September 20, 2023 with Melanie Poole, Mike Jones and Michael Bass, Dir by Mike Jones.
28) OREGON — Portland — September 24, 2023 with Sean McGowan, Wendy Adele Evered and Silas Kidd Myers, Dir by Wendy Adele Evered.
29) MISSISSIPPI — Taylor–December 5, 2023 with Fel Macias, Jennifer Mizenko and Jonathan Orange, Dir by Jennifer Mizenko.
30) TEXAS — Waco— December 19, 2023 with Bob Jennerich, Molly Jennerich and Allie Jennerich, Dir by Bob Jennerich.
31) ALASKA — Juneau, May 7, 2024 with Andy Breckman, Terra Stark and Flordelino Lagundino. Dir by Charles Evered.



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