Charles Evered’s play Adopt a Sailor completed a 10 state tour in order to raise awareness as well as funds in support of Evered House. The Evered House is an artist residency founded by Charles Evered specifically for military veterans as well as those who serve in conflict zones, combat photographers and war reporters.

States and cast listings below:

CA —  April 21, 2018. With Kirk Geiger, Jarrod Radnich and Wendy Rolfe, Dir by Howard Shangraw.

NJ—  July 2, 2018. With Roy Steinberg, Marlena Lustik and Sean White, Dir by Roy Steinberg.

AZ —  August 19, 2018 with Garrett Anderson, Lauren Noelle Anderson and David Miller, Dir by Rachel Keimach.

NY —  Sept 17, 2018 with Damian Young, Welker White and Tyler Hatch, Dir. by Taylor Hatch.
NV —  October 20, 2018 with Loren Masters, Jean Heathen and Matthew Fenicchia, Dir. by Loren Marsters.
NM — March 27, 2019 with Diane Gunn Miles, Bill Miles and Nick Meyers, Dir. by Diane Gunn Miles.
SC — April 3, 2019 with Steve Evered, Sue Meyers and Brian Frascino, Dir. by Steve Evered.
WY —June 25, 2019 with Kat Cordes, Justin Glover and Jason Pasqua, Dir. by William Downs.
MA — August 5, 2019 with Bella Merlin, Miles Anderson and Gregory Boover, Dir. by Charles Evered.
WA — September 28, 2019 with Pete Benson, Jennifer Hodges and Garrett Guse, Dir. by Karen Hauser.

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