Publication — “An Actor’s Carol.” (Play version)

“An Actor’s Carol” screenplay for Tkach Ventures and Ordinance 14.

Sept 28: “Adopt a Sailor – 50 State Tour”– Washington  State leg, Bainbridge Island, The Lesser-Known Players.


Feb/March/April — CJE House open for residencies, Flamingo Heights, CA.

“THURSDAYS AT FOUR” — Pre-production, CA.

April– West Coast CJE House benefit, CJE House, Flamingo Heights, CA.

May– Dedication,  Charles J. Evered Outdoor stage, Flamingo Heights, CA.

October– Dedication, Founders rock plaque, CJE House, Flamingo Heights, CA.

Publication — “30 Years –Short Plays and Monologues by Charles Evered, 1988-2018.”



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